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"I had my first hip replacement which went very badly. I did 8 month physical therapy, then acupuncture with no improvement of the pain or movement in my hip.  I had decided that this was the best it was going to get and that my physical life was OVER.  Then I heard about Feldenkrais lessons. I knew absolutely nothing about it. I was excepting nothing, but when I left after my first 1 hour lesson with Al I had NO PAIN in my hip. Three years later and after many lessons, I am a completely changed person.  Not only have I regained the full use of my hip and leg, but so so much more has improved in my life both physically and emotionally. Al's Feldenkrais lessons have made me whole again."
After my first 1 hour lesson with Al I had NO PAIN in my hip.- Miriam, Longmont, CO
"Al’s expertise with the Feldenkrais Method has changed my life.  They wanted to replace my hip, but now I can move that hip completely without pain.  His work has also reversed my chronic regional pain syndrome and my wrist no longer hurts!  I continue to be amazed at what this Method can accomplish as we continue to work on the other parts of my body that still need to catch up."
Al’s expertise with the Feldenkrais Method has changed my life.- Tina, Longmont, CO
"This is a very strong endorsement of the Feldenkrais Method and my practitioner Mr. Al Wadleigh.  After more than a year of sequential work by Mr.Wadleigh, I was asked to share my thoughts on this work and give insight on how it has impacted my life.  As a physician afflicted by early disease Parkinson's, I was in search for a modality that would help me restore functional balance of movement and coordination as well as self -confidence by engaging the Central Nervous System back into it's regulatory role of innate and learned behaviors of movement.  The Feldenkrais tradition has an unique and storied history sustained by disciplined and innovative practitioners just like Mr.Wadleigh in their practice they acquire the the sensitivity and patience to re-train the total organism back to the original instruction of unfettered movement and balance as it were before we began to modify movement and behavior by poor posture, abbreviated body action and unhelpful habits of movement. "For me personally, it has been a positive and productive experience, as in so many of such it's all about the journey; where you started, where you thought you were headed and what you encountered and ultimately what did you find out about yourself.  I am not so naive to think I could cure myself of Parkinson's Disease but I am 50 miles from where I started in regard to self-control of movement, coordination and balance, the road map to change can be tricky to read; I've learned to be patient and vigilant of myself and movement  A therapeutic relationship is central to to self-perceived improvement, Mr. Wadleigh models all aspects of the healing role allowing me to self-discover my abilities and self, it has been a privilege I hope to sustain.  Thanks Al!"  
A very strong endorsement of the Feldenkrais MethodGregory Jaramillo, MD
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